Natural treatment for the premenstrual syndrome

The premenstrual syndrome, manifested by bloating, headaches, fatigue or acne, can be warded off by using natural treatments, from herbs. According to the National Institute of Health, 75% of women suffer, before the menstruation period, of physical and mental disorders that make PMS. 10% of them experience severe symptoms that prevent them to perform everyday tasks.

What is PMS

“Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a term used to describe a series of mental and behavioral disorders that occur in a woman’s life a week before menstruation. Symptoms may be physical and emotional”, said Dr. Doina Mihailescu, Specialist in Obstetrics – Gynecology.

The specialist also says that disorders usually cease once the onset of menses. “The premenstrual syndrome can occur anytime between puberty and menopause and the symptoms can worsen with age or stressful contexts.”

How the premenstrual syndrome manifests

The list of symptoms associated with the premenstrual syndrome includes mental tension and anxiety, sadness, crying for no reason, mood swings, food cravings, insomnia, lack of concentration.

Physically, you can deal with muscle and joint pain, headache, fatigue, weight gain, fluid retention, acne, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, sore breasts.

Natural treatments

Although studies have not yet confirmed their effectiveness, many women say they get rid of PMS symptoms with remedies more or less natural.

Raspberry extract, either branches or fruit, may be helpful to those who prefer natural treatments instead of drugs. Studies have shown that 93 % of women get rid of most of the premenstrual symptoms after three months treatment with the extract of the berries. Substances contained may calm down the menstrual cramps, but only after long treatment.

Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry) extracts can also be useful, which can be found in the form of supplements. The plant, popularly called the Pepper of the monks, has tonic effects on the female reproductive system, regulating the hormonal function. Although no one knows exactly how it works, some studies have shown that the herb can reduce PMS symptoms but it also has a positive effect on female fertility. Chasteberry extract is commonly recommended for women with menstrual problems in Germany.

In addition to these, ginger, chamomile, dandelion and evening primrose oil may also be useful. To not bother with combinations and measurements, you can use directly a supplement specifically designed to ward off PMS.

What I found in pharmacies

  • Donavital – 15,04 lei
    Reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause, regulates ovarian hormone secretion, increases fertility.
  • Femin Confort – 20 lei
    Recommended for premenstrual syndrome, endocrine osteoporosis, menopause, menstrual pain.
  • Evening primrose – 19 lei
    Improves overall condition before and during menstruation.
  • Extract din mlădiţe de zmeur – 13 lei
    Regulates ovarian hormone secretion during puberty and menopause.
  • Gyntima picături premenstruale – 24 lei
    Reduces the effects of PMS.

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