Natural Birth or C-Section?

Natural Birth or C-Section?

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Risks and benefits – which tips the balance?

The question of a thousand points to a woman about to become a mother is “a natural birth or cesarean delivery?” In a discussion “among girls”, some with older children, some who had just given birth and some about to becoming mothers, this seemed the only existential issue. I stayed, I listened, I asked people advised to make a judgment about this topic and this is what came out:

Natural birth

  • it is recommended unless there are certain conditions which exclude it from the start
  • it is advantageous because it provides a more rapid recovery of the mother and child can adapt better
  • is a certain recipe for the mother’s health
  • it best helps the mother to get rid of the extra pounds gained during pregnancy

Advantage – Recovery after a natural birth is much faster than after birth by cesarean delivery, ensuring adaptability of maternal and fetal organisms much faster.

Naştere naturală sau naştere prin cezariană?

Caesarean delivery (c-section)

Caesarean delivery is an alternative if the situation does not allow the pregnancy to flow naturally.

  • is indicated in certain situations where the mother has certain conditions that determine the type of birth from the start: damaged basins as a result of associated pathologies, eye diseases, maternal diseases etc.
  • it is to be avoided if the health of the expectant mother is good for a natural birth
  • the mother will recover much harder compared to a natural birth
  • she may have some problems caused by caesarean section for the rest of her life
  • she will lose the weight gained during pregnancy much harder


As with any other operation, there may be keloid scarring, loss of sensation in the wound in the medium / long term, prolonging the recovery period compared to natural birth.

Dr. Doina Mihailescu (, the one we talked to about this subject, says that “there are all sorts of myths that cesarean delivery may affect the baby. I can only unmount these myths whereas it should be noted that we resort to caesarean section in order to ensure a safer way for the baby. During pregnancy physiological changes are occurring; they are diverse and reversible. The doctor is the one who can determine whether there are risks to your pregnancy, if it’s necessary to avoid efforts, to do further analysis, to take a particular treatment.”

If you’re about to give birth to a child and you ask yourself until when you will have time to decide which way to give birth, you should know that “information related to birth should be discussed with your doctor during pregnancy so that the pregnant woman should have sufficient time in order to clarify ambiguities and thus the birth should not be a surprise for her”, said dr. Mihailescu.

If I remember my experience during the two pregnancies that I have had, I can say that I was reading, I was researching, I made plans, at least during the first pregnancy, but when I got in the doctor’s office reality was different and I had to adapt depending on what I was told.

“There are cases where the mother has certain conditions that determine the type of birth from the start: damaged basin as a result of associated pathologies, eye diseases, maternal diseases etc. But if there is no reason to think of caesarean section, it should be a clear decision for natural birth. Otherwise, the moment when a decision regarding the type of birth can be taken is in the third quarter. It is the best time to establish a certain conduct, since then the doctor may have a clearer picture of the development of the pregnancy and risks. Studies show that in the years ‘80-‘90, the average age was around 25 years, in our days, we fit around the age of 32-33 years. There are increasingly more pregnant women around the age of 40. Of course that with age there are other associated disorders, high risk pregnancies, leading to an increase in cesarean births”, said dr. Doina Mihăilescu.

So, my dears, when you will give birth, may it be sooner or later, do not be scared of this magic moment of your life, enjoy it as you can, love and pamper yourself because you deserve it! And remember that pregnancy is not a disease, is a physiological condition, is a unique moment in the life of every woman and I propose for each patient to fully enjoy the moment!


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