Doina Mihăilescu

MD Obstetrics Gynecology

Each new experience brings me closer to my patients and gives me the opportunity to become a better doctor.


Natural Birth or C-Section?

Article published on Risks and benefits – which tips the balance? The question of a thousand points to a woman about to become a mother is “a natural birth or cesarean delivery?” In a discussion “among girls”, some with older... read more

The Unseen Side of Pregnancy

Last year ELLE editorial team has had a baby boom and I really feel like most of my colleagues have been pregnant at some point. And because I was surrounded by so many pregnant women, I noticed the enthusiasm, concern and caution awaiting the birth of their baby.... read more

Why do we fear the gynecological office?

The fear to make certain things transforms us slowly but surely into victims. So it happens with those who are afraid to pass the threshold of the gynecological office. Data shows that a quarter of the women in Romania does no ever go to the gynecologist, and over a... read more